Pines - European Black Pine nr. 4

1 2 2ß22-ß5-TSC 6058ofx 2005-04-Dscn03901v
2005-04-Dscn03911v 2006-07-Dsc 3473v  Summer 2006; the first styling is done. This is not for show, this is for future development. I take into account that the tree looks silly for a few years. the only thing that counts is what it will look like five years later. 2007-09-DSC 0011ofv  Fall 2007; by now it looks like it going into the right direction. 2007-09-DSC 0013ofv  Fall 2007; this is even better.
2008-08-NSC 6336v 2008-08-NSC 6348ofv 2009-08-NSC 8239v 2009-08-NSC 8240v
2010-07-PSC 0199ofv 2012-10-R2C 1560ofw 2012-10-R2C 1561ofw 2014-10-R2C 4425ofw
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