Pines - European Black Pine nr. 1

1 2 2001-04-P.n.av  Summer 2001 in the mountains 2001-04-P.n2v1  Summer 2001 in the mountains
2001-4-P.n4v1  Summer 2001 in the mountains 2003-05-P.n5v1  Summer 2003 in Wolfgang's gardenP 2003-05-P.n8  Summer 2003 in Wolfgang's garden0 2003-07-Dscn5992v1
2003-07-Dscn5994v1 2003-07-Dscn5996v  Summer 2003, finished for the time being; looks kind of pathetic, as most trees after first styling. Nigra pines in particular, just like ponderosas with their long needles look quite untidy after first styling. But it does not matter what it looks like now. It only matters what it will look like five years down the road. We'll see. 2003-08-Dscn5978v 2003-08-Dscn5981v1
2003-08-Dscn5993v 2004-07-Dscn7780g  Summer 2004, with pot by Derek Aspinall 2005-07-Dsc 3539v  Summer 2005 2007-07-Dsc 1430v  Summer 2007; now for the first time the tree starts to look showable. But it will still be a long way until it goes to an exhibit
2007-07-DSC 3455v  Summer 2007, just a snapshot; getting better every time - just as it should be. Now I will have to concentrate on the needle length. The crown is dense enough. I don't want a poodle. But the needles will have to become shorter. This will happen by feeding less and cutting down on watering. We'll see. 2008-06-NSC 5943ofv 2008-06-NSC 5944v 2009-08-NSC 8231v
2009-08-NSC 8232ofv 2009-08-NSC 8234v 2009-08-NSC 8235ofv 2011-05-QDSC 3477DNGofw
2012-10-R2C 1515w 2012-10-R2C 1516w 2013-06-01- RDSC 4457 01w 2013-06-01-RDSC 4448w
2013-06-01-RDSC 4449w 2013-06-01-RDSC 4454w 2013-06-01-RDSC 4459 01w 2013-06-R2C 2142ofw
2013-06-R2C 2143w 2013-06-R2C 2144w 2013-06-R2C 2145w 2013-06-R2C 2146w
2013-06-R2C 2147ofw 2014-04-R2C 3556ofw 2014-04-R2C 3557ofw 2016-09-SAL 6501ofw
2016-09-SAL 6502ofw 2017-09-TSA 0155ofw 2017-09-TSA 0156ofw 2020-08-TSC 1693ofx
2022-04-TSC 6023x