Larches - European Larch nr. 1

1 2 1990-04-Magazin23-Bild17 1990-04-Magazin24-Bild04
1990-04-Magazin24-Bild18 1991-05-Magazin24-Bild13 1991-05-Magazin24-Bild14 1995-04-Magazin24-Bild16
1995-06-Magazin24-Bild05 1996-04-Magazin23-Bild19 1996-04-Magazin24-Bild20 1997-04-Magazin24-Bild19
1999-10-Magazin23-Bild18 1999-10-Magazin24-Bild17 2000-10-Magazin24-Bild15 2001-12-DSCN2320 04.12.2001 18-08-24  Winter 2001/2; virtual to show that the larch looks kind of OK in a natural setting. This is the test for a good naturalistic styling.
2002-03-DSCN2894v  Spring 2003 2003-04-DSCN5012v 2003-04-DSCN5072v  Spring 2003 2003-09-Dscn6527v1
2003-09-Dscn6530v 2004-04-Dscn7563v  Spring 2004 2004-04-Magazin19-Bild05 2004-05-Dscn7927v  Summer 2004
2005-03-Dscn01171v  Spring 2005 2005-05-Dscn05641v  Spring 2005 2005-11-DSC 1735v  Fall 2005 2006-03-Dsc 3099v  Spring 2006
2006-04-Dsc 3568v  Spring 2006 2006-12-Dsc 0275v  Winter 2006/7 2007-04-Dsc 1061v  Spring 2006 2007-05-Dsc 2038o filteredv  Spring 2007
2007-06-DSC 2578v  Summer 2007 in Nymphenburg, Germany 2007-09-DSC 3871ofv  Fall 2007 2007-10-DSC 0073v  Fall 2007; in the Bavarian exhibit in Fuerth, Germany 2007-10-DSC 0076v  FAll 2007; in front of the poster that shows the pictures of the very first Bavarian Exhibit in 1992
2007-10-DSC 0529ofv  Fall 2007 2007-11-DSC 0832ofv (Kopie)  Fall 2007 2008-01-DSC 1700ofv 2008-02-DSC 1741ofv
2008-04-DSC 2923v 2008-04-NSC 0126ofv 2008-05-NSC 5074ofv 2008-06-NSC 5592ofv
2008-06-NSC 5706v 2008-09-NSC 6579ofv 2008-10-NSC 6666ofv 2009-08-NSC 8181v
2009-08-NSC 8182ofv 2009-11-NSC 8680ofv 2010-02-NSC 9026ofv 2010-03-NSC 9041ofv
2010-10-PSC 1024v 2010-11-PSC 1043ofv 2010-12-DSC 0157DNGpfv 2010-12-QDSC 0291DNGofv
2011-01-DSC 0897w 2011-01-QDSC 0922ofw 2011-01-QDSC 0954w 2011-01-QDSC 1010w
2011-11-QDSC 8704DNGofw