Junipers - Sabina Juniper nr. 3

1 2 1999-05-Magazin25-Bild19 2005-04-Dsc 0341v 29.10.2007 19-08-00  Spring 2005, before wiring and shaping
2005-05- 29.10.2007 18-42-00 29.10.2007 18-42-00  Spring 2005, right after very first styling. Looks pathetic, as so many trees after first styling. It does not matter really what it looks like now. All that mattters is is what it will look five years later. 2005-07-Dsc 0378v 29.10.2007 18-41-00  summer 2005, a few months after first styling 2005-10-Dsc 3436v 29.10.2007 19-02-00  Fall 2005 2006-07-Dsc 5092v 29.10.2007 18-41-00  Summer 2006
2007-07-DSC 3874ofv 29.10.2007 18-50-00  Summer 2007, this shot was taken just before the tree was brought to the Gingko Award 2007. Premature, of course, but I am glad I did it. 2007-07-DSC 3875ofv 29.10.2007 18-54-00  Summer 2007; size comparison 2009-10-NSC 8466v 2009-10-NSC 8469v
2012-10-R2C 1502w 2013-09-R2C 2709of2w 2013-09-R2C 2709ofw 2013-09-R2C 2710o2fw
2013-09-R2C 2710ofw 2015-06-SAL 1835w 2016-09-SAL 6524w 2016-09-SAL 6529w