Junipers - Rocky Mountain Juniper nr. 6

01 2 1999-07-offering1  Summer 1999; offering picture by Andy Smith. 2001-05-RMWzwilling1verkl  Spring 2001; in quarantine in Germany
2001-06-DSCN1336v  Summer 2001; now the tree is in my garden already. 2001-07-DSCN1349v  Summer 2001; very first styling with guy wires.The crown is way too high. I will have to do very drastic styling eventually to get it down. 2004-07-Dscn8280v  Summer 2004; this looks quite untamed still. 2004-07-Dscn8284v  Summer 2004; this looks quite untamed still.
2004-07-Dscn8286v  Summer 2004 2004-07-Dscn8288v  Summer 2004; after cleaning the deadwood. 2004-07-Dscn8292v  Summer 2004; after cleaning the deadwood. 2004-07-Dscn8308v  Summer 2004; now the thick branch is ian a position to form a good looking crown eventually.
2004-07-Dscn8310v  Summer 2004; looking good now. 2004-07-Dscn8311v  Summer 2004; detail of the brach which was broken down. 2004-07-Dscn8312v  Summer 2004; detail of the brach which was broken down. 2005-07-DSC 0036(2)v  Summer 2005
2005-07-DSC 0051(2)v  Summer 2005 2007-06-Dsc 2071v  Summer 2007; time for a big change now. 2007-06-Dsc 2074v  Summer 2007; some force is necessary. 2007-06-Dsc 2079v  Summer 2007; great new pot by Horst Heinzlrieter.
2007-06Dsc 2075v  Summer 2007; great rootball. I left it undisturbed. 2007-07-DSC 0036(2)v2  Summer 2005; this is how Rocky Mountain Juniper foliage has to look like to be able to do serious styling. It can take many years to get there. 2007-07-DSC 0039(2)v  Summer 2005; looks very healthy. 2007-07-DSC 0045(2)v  Summer 2005
2007-07-Dsc 2080v  Summer 2007 2007-07-Dsc 2266v  Summer 2007 2007-07-Dsc 2267v  Summer 2007; rough wiring done. Fine wirig will have to wait for two months. I want to see how the tree takes it. 2007-09-Dsc 3459ofv  Summer 2007: front?
2007-09-DSC 3464of  Summer 2007; two months later done, front? 2007-09-DSC 3467  Summer 2007;two months later done, proud owner 2009-06-NSC 7642ofv 2009-06-NSC 7643ofv
2009-06-NSC 7644v 2010-07-PSC 0072v 2010-07-PSC 0316v 2010-07-PSC 0317v
2010-07-PSC 0347v 2010-07-PSC 0348ofv 2010-07-PSC 0349v 2012-04-RDSC 0661w
2012-05-R2C 0851ofw 2012-05-R2C 0852ofw 2012-05-R2C 0853ofw 2012-05-R2C 0854ofw
2012-09-R2C 1458ofw 2012-09-R2C 1460w 2012-09-R2C 1461ofw 2012-09-R2C 1462ofw
2014-09-R2C 4290w 2014-09-R2C 4291w 2014-09-R2C 4309ofw 2014-09-R2C 4310ofw
2014-09-R2C 4311ofw 2014-09-R2C 4312ofw 2014-09-R2C 4313ofw